A day in the studio


How to write a song? How long does it take to write a song? For me these questions are impossible to answer. A song for me starts with an idea, funny, sad, or anything in between. From there it can take anything from 60 minutes to several months. A solid start is always the story I want to tell and toying around with my old faithful Korg Triton workstation, that has traveled thousands of miles, from gig to gig. Now it’s resting peacefully in the center of the studio awaiting new inspiration. Ableton Live immediately records all initial ideas. Any […]

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The making of the Stone video

From the start it was quite clear that the Stone video should somehow involve cuddling a statue. Searching the Internet for spare statues resulted in a few options, mostly plastic ones. Did you know you can rent statues? It is expensive though and quite difficult, this was therefore the least favorable option. The next option was visiting a place where they have statues standing around. A visit to a museum might trip some guards or alarms and result in less favorable press attention. A quick scan of statues in the vicinity resulted in either too big or too small ones. […]

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Lets get started

B2FAB is a solo project of The Wim, straight from a small studio in the attic. From electropop to a lonely piano and some violins. Music is a way to express yourself and this music conveys very personal thoughts. Expect guest appearances of various musicians. The Wim was a songwriter and keyboard player in Iceparty and various projects after that. After the final gig of Iceparty, The Wim decided to take all ideas and stray studio recordings one step up to turn them into complete tracks. Every track has a personal story attached. You can find the most actual news […]

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