Music for the broken hearted, sad man looking out the window

How to heal a broken heart? With dreamy synth pop songs! I want to keep surprising you. That is why every song a unique vibe or twist. I started this music project to share my most personal thoughts. Recording in the studio but also live. The video clip is for me a second chance to tell the story of a song. Sometimes there are multiple video’s telling the same story in a different way.

I always enjoy working together with other musicians or creatives to create new songs and videos. The music is very much inspired by musicians like Bon Iver, Novastar and The Boxer Rebellion. And by Dutch artists Thomas Azier and Luwten. In the music you can hear my everlasting quest to understand love.

Forty Days EP Cover Sara
Forty Days EP Cover

B2FAB is about making music to tell a story. I always try to break at least some the rules of pop music. Every song develops and does not try to hook you in the first 10 seconds. The music style of the song is chosen to match the story. The last album Ten Years goes all the way from dance to ambient electro. Stripped Part 1 is acoustic mostly just piano and me. The EP Forty Days takes you through the ups and downs of love. Sunday Morning… Naked… takes you from a dreamy ballad, or 80s disco to a slow reggaeton.

Live at Scheltema with Brigitte
Live at Scheltema with Brigitte

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My music career started some time ago with a rock band that was always on the road. Iceparty played all the main stages, in the Netherlands and many festivals and stages abroad. The band was also featured on 3FM national radio and eventually signed a CD contract. In the studio, recording the CD, I developed a love for working in the studio and then started to build a professional home studio.

Iceparty On Tour in Prague
Iceparty On Tour in Prague
Iceparty Out of the Blue CD
Iceparty Out of the Blue CD

After the breakup of this band, other bands followed, but music ideas kept flowing. Eventually this resulted in the release of a first EP Into the Light. After that many releases followed: EPs, CDs and singles. Additionally there is a Making Music blog that helps hundreds of musicians around the globe every month recording, or playing live.

Are you a dreamer? I think I am! Please join me on my quest to understand love.

Please visit my YouTube channel for video clips and live streams and shows. Check my VIRPP profile if you want to collaborate or want me to become part of your production.