What’s with the ‘concept’?


When is a song really finished? If only I would know… All the B2FAB songs on SoundCloud are in a way works in progress, now and then I go back to a song to tweak it or fix a small glitch in the mix. Now and then for me a song is really missing some essential, but still I feel the need to let people hear the finished part of the song. In that case it will get a title marked as concept.
If you hear a concept song and you think you can “make it work” in some way, you can always get in contact. In some cases the concept will go when a final version of the song appears. In other cases it will stay there, because it has that special something as a reminder of how the song got started. For me personally there is no final version of a song. There are however versions that tell the story the way I intended it. These will be the one and only final songs.