A day in the studio


How to write a song? How long does it take to write a song? For me these questions are impossible to answer. A song for me starts with an idea, funny, sad, or anything in between. From there it can take anything from 60 minutes to several months.

A solid start is always the story I want to tell and toying around with my old faithful Korg Triton workstation, that has traveled thousands of miles, from gig to gig. Now it’s resting peacefully in the center of the studio awaiting new inspiration.

Ableton Live immediately records all initial ideas. Any parts that stay in the song will be completed as full session row with complete drum, base and other voices and effects. Then the first arrangement can be created either in one go or step by step, note by note, day after day, or even month after month. The instruments used can be either from Ableton Packs, Alchemy or recorded from the Korg Triton or Micro Korg.

Finding the correct way to fill in the vocals can also be easy or a long painful process. It helps to sing out loud during commuter trips and I surely hope not to distract myself or other drivers in traffic in the process. I am much honored to also have vocal contributions to my songs of old and new friends in music: Hanny Nijhuis, Michiel Rote and Hans van Lint.

For final touches I rely on Izotope Ozone. It’s the icing on the cake. My ears are not what they used to be, but Ozone really helps by making the sound of the music visible. To finish it of a song needs to have a bit of tender loving care. I try to relisten to songs and try to improve it in any way possible. Never a dull moment in the studio here!