The singing stars of B2FAB

This is dedicated to all the singers that helped me create the songs that you can listen to on Soundcloud, YouTube and Vimeo. One by one with a small story to introduce these voices that help me to tell a story. Right from the start I knew that my music needed to tell a story and that I wanted vocals to express this. That is where my musical capabilities are limited and I needed some help.

I started making music on the piano. Then developed as a keyboard player, playing in various band. Always, when recording in the studio, it felt like coming home. When the opportunity came I started building my own home studio. Investing piece by piece to create the perfect place to really dive into composing and producing my own music.

The first singer to help me out creating B2FAB was Hanny. She is the mother of Still. Still was written on my parents piano, when I was in highschool. She was the lead singer and bass player in one of the first bands I played in. I learned a lot there, but Hanny also learned then that she wanted to dedicate her life to singing and making music. She got her education in teaching music and she earns a living now teaching singing and making music. I am very grateful for every moment she can find the time to come to the studio to help me out. You can find her here.

Michiel Rote aka RedMiky
Searching for a male voice I found Michiel Rote on the Internet, because he posted a request to start singing in a band. Working in the studio was new to him and nothing like singing in a band. His warm voice was a pleasure to work with and gave live to songs like Leaving Monica and Bottom Drawer. Expect many more songs featuring Michiel the coming year.

Hans van Lint
Some songs here are part of the long running history of Iceparty. I wanted to revive some of the songs from the band and this is where Hans van Lint helped me out. As well as professional singer in progressive bands like Squonk and For Absent Friends. He has a day job as professor Traffic Simulation & Computing at the TU Delft. Imagine how honored I was that he could find the time to sing in Blues of my Life. As well as play bass, guitar and percussion.

A new star in the studio is Heddy. She is a good friend and I regularly heard her sing. I was waiting for the perfect match and that is How Dumb Can You Be. She did not particularly like the donkey that was the logo of this song, so I am silently replacing this now. She can sing and play the piano as well as the violin and I hope there is more to come as part of B2FAB this year.

There are more songs in the making and I already found a jazzy duo to team up with. Much more to come soon…

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