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A summer of music

Heaven or Hell dancing

As an artists in lockdown these months these month you could either be sulking, because of all the failed plans and missed concerts. Or you could be locked away in your studio writing one song after the other. To be honest, I’m somewhere in the middle, but certainly not sulking. To compensate for missed concerts […]

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When in lock-down, release an EP

Your Number Two EP on keyboard

We are living in a strange time now. Most of the world is in lock-down or more severely quarantined at home. Either also working at home or worse off without work in need of government or charity support. Strange times. If you are having a bad time in lock-down, I hope things will get better […]

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A new EP?

Number Two Promo

Again a period of silence from the studio. Unfortunately I was underground a month due to health problems. You may have picked this up in this post. There are so many new ideas and some of them will indeed make it to a new EP. You might also have picked up that the title will […]

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Looking back and forward

Top songs on Spotify of 2019

If you subscribed to the newsletter you already have seen the number of song plays, likes and follows of the past year. What matters most of course is that the numbers are up. Even though I just work hard and try to create songs from the heart, it helps to know that every year more […]

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The unfairness of child cancer

KiKa Actielogo

This year Facebook tempted me to start a birthday fundraising campaign. As a reward Facebook would also donate. This made me start the fundraising campaign, also because I could choose my organization to donate to. As always I chose the Kika Foundation. You might know by now that I lost my cousin. She had a […]

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A new song: Number Two

Number Two Promo

Let’s start the new year with a new song. After one year of piecing the puzzle together, its finally there. The idea for this song came from one of the many contacts I made in music these past years. From a lady with a story to tell. The story of a powerful love. A love […]

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A video clip for the homeless

Just Follow Me - Homeless

From living a life of material riches to homeless. Is it possible? This is the time of the year to think about those who are not so fortunate. After a visit to one of the features of Lowlands festival this year I got the inspiration for a new clip for Just Follow Me about the […]

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Its there! Five Years of music

Five Years CD

Five Years is there! On all streaming media of course and the number of listeners has almost doubled over the past weeks, so all is fine. Did you know there is an option to download it for free? I have long doubted if it still any use to make a good old CD. The scales […]

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