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Ten Years Album presentation in Leiden

Planned Pi-A interview in the Wildeman visuals studios

Unfortunately the event has to be rescheduled due to illness. The official presentation of the Ten Years album. The even will still take place at the Bethlehem kerk Lammermarkt 57 in Leiden. The Wildeman visuals studio. Expect a live video call with pi.a. from Berlin. Live music and video clips. Drinks, cake and snacks and of course goodies and a chance to sign up for the CD!

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B2fab live at Gluren bij de Buren

B2fab live at Gluren bij de Buren 2022 July 3rd

Yes, it is one of the fun local festivals around the Netherlands, Gluren bij de Buren. This year on the 3rd of July, 2022. Every city has its own edition and B2fab is invited! Three small sets played in a living room or in the garden (depending on the location and the weather). This small poster shows the location and the time schedule.

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An interview and some songs live on local radio

Ready to play live on local radio

It is always a great honor and opportunity to play live on local radio. This time with a 45 minute interview about the past the now and the future of B2fab! Most important is that I got to mention again that I want to build out to a full live band in the coming years. Playing solo is fun, but to play with a full band is my dream. Stay tuned for this next year! With single just released and an upcoming single (soon!) it’s great to be allowed to reach such a big audience. Thank you sleutelstad.nl and I […]

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Playing live at Scheltema with Brigitte

Live at Scheltema with Brigitte

I was honored to open the new season of Science Cafe lectures at Scheltema Leiden. This grand café is actually one of my favorite places in Leiden. The perfect place to dance, drink, see theater shows or lectures. The Science Cafe lectures series had to pause this past year, because of the lockdown and slow release of all regulations after that. The last time I played here, I played with the full setup. For this session I chose to play an “acoustic” set, with only keyboard and vocals, but this time Brigitte also joined me and sang Baby Baby and […]

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Performing at the Parels van Leiden project

Parels Van Leiden Socials Campaign

Coming week I will be performing on the main stage of Gebr. de Nobel in Leiden. The show celebrates local live talent and will be recorded. I also hope to get some good photo’s. Later this year the recordings will be shown at other events that yet have to be planned. This time I will be joined by Brigitte and she will sing Far Away Friend with me on stage. Stay tuned to see the pictures and recordings!

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New Year’s resolutions

New video clip?

A new year, but the same old lockdown. That is the start of this year. Nobody knows how it will develop, but it’s still possible to have plans. No surprise of course that already there is new music in the making. Also new video clips. The featured image above (photography DanielDash) is a hint at maybe a first new single to release this year. To make it more interesting, the ambition is not only to play more live shows. The new ambition is to play live at a festival! There will not be that many summer festivals yet while COVID-19 […]

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B2FAB goes live

Solo acoustic

After coming back from holidays, its straight to work at the studio. A first solo tryout will be followed by a tryout with one of the singers that very regularly visits the studio, Hanny. Eventually the plan is to perform live regularly. Of course the studio work also keeps on going. As I always say: “I don’t make the music, it comes to me”. I truly hope that one day you will come and visit B2FAB, somewhere, somehow and that Hanny and I will be able to amaze you with a great live show.

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