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Collect all Dream Books!

Collection of 3 different dream books

Recently I started a dream journal and from this came the idea to make a B2fab dream book. Music for dreamers and a dream book seemed a perfect match. But why keep it to just one dream book? Maybe you want your own unique dream book to start journaling. And so came the idea to make a collection and if you want to you can collect them all! I’ll make sure you’ll get a different dream book when you order one or when you pick one up at a live show, you can choose which one. Why a book to […]

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New Year’s resolutions

New video clip?

A new year, but the same old lockdown. That is the start of this year. Nobody knows how it will develop, but it’s still possible to have plans. No surprise of course that already there is new music in the making. Also new video clips. The featured image above (photography DanielDash) is a hint at maybe a first new single to release this year. To make it more interesting, the ambition is not only to play more live shows. The new ambition is to play live at a festival! There will not be that many summer festivals yet while COVID-19 […]

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New in 2021: Merchandise

B2fab Merchandise on Bandcamp

Maybe you were looking for something to hold on to? Not as fleeting as a stream of audio or video? Now you can touch it and hold it in your hands. Merchandise from B2fab. Of course its merchandise with a twist. Who needs another t-shirt, cap or mug? You can have your own B2fab songbook now or a copy of the photo book from the video clip for Bottom Drawer. >>> Click here to order <<<

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