Featuring on a song by Pi.A: Recharge

Recharge is a typical Cloud fighter song. Cloud fighting is about battling the demons within. Facing your fears and finding the power to blow away the dark clouds above you. Born and based in Berlin, Pi.A started her musical first steps with the age of 15. As the Leadsinger of an underground band, she learned to make music, to write songs and producing album’s. She said ” Making music depends on your emotions and Influences, I’m blessed to be a Rock Chick.”

Recharge Pi-A feat. B2fab promo
Recharge Pi-A feat. B2fab promo

Till today she is inspired by valuable music like NirvanaRage Against The MachineGood CharlotteTOOLThe Cure and Papa Roach. With this inspirations she startet to form a new way of making music, free from genre’s and full of meaningfull lyrics. She said:” My own favour of music teached me to use my music for valuable things. I want to die someday knowing that I helped people to overcome the darkness. We need to accept the mirror-image the cloud is showing us, while following us around. We are not born in negativity, we only have to face our demons and I’m facing them with flying musically above the clouds to share positivity. “