B2fab live at Gluren bij de Buren

B2fab live at Gluren bij de Buren 2022 July 3rd

Yes, it is one of the fun local festivals around the Netherlands, Gluren bij de Buren. This year on the 3rd of July, 2022. Every city has its own edition and B2fab is invited! Three small sets played in a living room or in the garden (depending on the location and the weather). This small poster shows the location and the time schedule.

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Trip to Paris with refugees. Mariana and me and the Eiffel Tower

And suddenly we were in Paris. Me and a very diverse group of people. Refugees from Ukraine. I knew Mariana from social media and video calls, because she was helping me with work on Perfect. She makes music herself and she is a fantastic model. But then the war came and suddenly she was right here in the Netherlands. Passing to Warsaw, Berlin and all other places she never would have expected to visit. She saw Amsterdam, Leiden and other beautiful cities in the Netherlands. And after these experiences the thought was to visit the city of dreams and love, […]

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Music for the broken hearted

Music for the broken hearted, sad man looking out the window

You might have noticed that there is a new theme at the start of this year: music for the broken hearted. It seemed to be shining through when browsing through all songs. My inspiration for making music is based on real and close stories about love. I also had my heart broken several times, but not all songs are from my own personal experience. Reality is that happy-ever-after love is a fairly simple story. However, love can break down in so many ways that it seems an endless inspiration. I browsed through all of my playlists and found out they […]

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Christmas and New Year 2022

Fallen Blossom, model Sara showing it all for Christmas and New Year

It has been a special year. I and many other musicians have been struggling to find a way to cope with cancelled shows and collaborating with other musicians in practice rooms and the studio. Because I usually work in the studio it was not that devastating, but it played a big role all year. Now, as the year is closing down in a way it got worse. My country is now in complete lockdown and will remain locked down until at least two weeks into the new year. The only way I found to celebrate this festive season now is […]

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An interview and some songs live on local radio

Ready to play live on local radio

It is always a great honor and opportunity to play live on local radio. This time with a 45 minute interview about the past the now and the future of B2fab! Most important is that I got to mention again that I want to build out to a full live band in the coming years. Playing solo is fun, but to play with a full band is my dream. Stay tuned for this next year! With single just released and an upcoming single (soon!) it’s great to be allowed to reach such a big audience. Thank you sleutelstad.nl and I […]

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Playing live at Scheltema with Brigitte

Live at Scheltema with Brigitte

I was honored to open the new season of Science Cafe lectures at Scheltema Leiden. This grand café is actually one of my favorite places in Leiden. The perfect place to dance, drink, see theater shows or lectures. The Science Cafe lectures series had to pause this past year, because of the lockdown and slow release of all regulations after that. The last time I played here, I played with the full setup. For this session I chose to play an “acoustic” set, with only keyboard and vocals, but this time Brigitte also joined me and sang Baby Baby and […]

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Finally releasing Out of the Blue!

Iceparty Out of the blue cover

So some time ago i was blessed to part of this band, Iceparty. It brings back the most beautiful memories. Memories of the recording of this album, Out of the Blue. Or traveling around with an old VW Transporter to play the Venetian Night festival in Liberec. Maybe you already knew this, or you saw us playing live then. With the release of the Out of the Blue CD at that time everyone could, for a brief moment, enjoy our music. Only a few people could grab a hardcopy then. Now the album finally made it you! Soon available to […]

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An invite to my dreams

Screenshot Discord

As an experiment I started up a Discord community and I hope you want to join me. It seems to give a way to update you on the week to week plans for the live streams and live shows. And it should give you an opportunity to give me feedback on songs and videos. It’s an invite to my dreams, so I hope you too want to become a B2fab dreamer: Become a B2fab dreamer on Discord As an incentive for pre-saves of the latest Forty Days EP, you could get access to a special treat: learn how to juggle […]

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Get ready for a summer full of music for dreamers

Summer music for dreamers

The first dip in the pool is for Copenhagen, but there is much more coming to you this summer. Get ready for a summer full of dreamy music. The next release is already rolling out and it will be another single. A cover of a song that really touched my heart and I hope it will touch yours too. Several photo and video shoots are now in progress to make the dream complete. I hope you will like the new visuals. If you want to have some sneak peaks you can join me in the weekly live streams. Then after […]

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New releases with a new collaboration!

Minibus and bass

The coming months should see several new releases of songs that will feature a new collaboration with Jazzmacz a.k.a. Jan van der Lugt. Jan plays bass and we used to play together as part of the band Iceparty. Touring around The Netherlands and the Czech Republic. Eventually being signed and recording an album even, so we go back a long way. Jan helped me to record a few bass tracks for my songs in his own studio. Over time you will see releases of these fresh recordings, so stay tuned!

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