Music for the broken hearted

Music for the broken hearted, sad man looking out the window

You might have noticed that there is a new theme at the start of this year: music for the broken hearted. It seemed to be shining through when browsing through all songs. My inspiration for making music is based on real and close stories about love. I also had my heart broken several times, but not all songs are from my own personal experience. Reality is that happy-ever-after love is a fairly simple story. However, love can break down in so many ways that it seems an endless inspiration. I browsed through all of my playlists and found out they are really all about music for the broken hearted.

By accident I came across a photo from a photoshoot earlier this year. I don’t know why I looked the way I looked, but it seemed a good fit. It will also be the inspiration for new merchandise. There will be new music of course, but please keep an eye on the shop for more new stuff.