Trip to Paris with refugees. Mariana and me and the Eiffel Tower

And suddenly we were in Paris. Me and a very diverse group of people. Refugees from Ukraine. I knew Mariana from social media and video calls, because she was helping me with work on Perfect. She makes music herself and she is a fantastic model. But then the war came and suddenly she was right here in the Netherlands. Passing to Warsaw, Berlin and all other places she never would have expected to visit. She saw Amsterdam, Leiden and other beautiful cities in the Netherlands. And after these experiences the thought was to visit the city of dreams and love, Paris. With a band of friends from the refugee camp.

Getting there is not that difficult from Amsterdam, but getting lost in Paris is easy. With my experience and their motivation to see and do everything it became a wonderful weekend. Mariana got to model at the most beautiful spots in Paris and we all had a great time. Even though of course she and her friends were of course on a tight budget. I even got to see some spots of the city I never saw before. They had a good time and a weekend to distract them from the daily worries.

Metro gate near the Sacre-Coeur