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Visions of Japan – Angel Saint Goddess

Once in a while a dream comes true. A long time ago I wrote a dance song. Now it is a new release on all major streaming services. Angel Saint Goddess (feat. Lisa Michelle) in Japanese. The song was inspired by a special night out in Muenster Germany. Out of nowhere, an angel came and guided me to a club named Heaven. At that time I could not find a suitable female voice to really catch the dreamy feel of the song. So I explored something I did try before, a Vocaloid. Most Vocaloids can only sing in Japanese. At […]

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Filming a clip for Stone in the RMO Leiden

Evelien and Apollo

To my surprise we were actually very welcome to spend a morning filming the the RMO Leiden. The Rijksmuseum voor Oudheden or Dutch National Museum for Antiquities. Iris, in charge of the communication was very kind and managed to give us all freedom to make this clip. It was the first ever request for filming a music video clip, she told us, as the museum is more used to TV and documentary film crews with focus on the actual collection. For me and Evelien an honor to be able to be there before opening hours. To be allowed to remove […]

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Memories, sweet memories

Memories feat. Sam

For this song, Memories, Sam graced the studio with a visit. It took some effort, because she really wanted to make this song her own. Looking back it went quite smoothly. Mainly because she really nailed it with the lyrics. I wrote the music for this song after a very warm and pleasant reunion with old class mates. From the start it had school ground noises in it.   Sam really knows how to work in the studio and i feel honored that she stopped by to make this song a very sweet memory.

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Stone with a twist

Stone Apollo

Last month Evelien hopped into the studio to give Stone a new twist. Stone is one of the older songs on SoundCloud and on Spotify or other streaming services. For the first album Into the Light i thought i should at least sing on one of the tracks, but looking back this it is missing a little sparkle. Evelien is only sparkle and great fun to have in the studio. Even though she is not a pro, she took on the song like a pro. Her voice has that little edge that captures you. So you want to hear it […]

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The making of the Stone video

From the start it was quite clear that the Stone video should somehow involve cuddling a statue. Searching the Internet for spare statues resulted in a few options, mostly plastic ones. Did you know you can rent statues? It is expensive though and quite difficult, this was therefore the least favorable option. The next option was visiting a place where they have statues standing around. A visit to a museum might trip some guards or alarms and result in less favorable press attention. A quick scan of statues in the vicinity resulted in either too big or too small ones. […]

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