Filming a clip for Stone in the RMO Leiden

Evelien and Apollo

To my surprise we were actually very welcome to spend a morning filming the the RMO Leiden. The Rijksmuseum voor Oudheden or Dutch National Museum for Antiquities. Iris, in charge of the communication was very kind and managed to give us all freedom to make this clip. It was the first ever request for filming a music video clip, she told us, as the museum is more used to TV and documentary film crews with focus on the actual collection. For me and Evelien an honor to be able to be there before opening hours. To be allowed to remove all the protective fencing that is normally in place and just start filming.

This was also a first time for a full clip to be recorded in Virtual Reality 360 degrees. As you can expect, the least of these is how to prevent other people to be in view distracting from the main subject. If you look carefully in the VR 360, you can find me jumping out of view when a scene starts. I left this in as a short cameo. To be sure that everyone could view the clip the full clip was recorded twice. Also with a regular camera. If you can get hold of good a good VR viewer you can be there with Evelien and look around in the museum.

As always i use the music to make sure that all moves in a video clip actually match the music and of course a basic script. Evelien is a very natural actress and she was even able to prevent herself from smiling to much. You can imagine that we were having quite some fun there, but the theme of the song unfortunately is a bit sad. Before opening hours there also was quite some noise from work taking place on a new exposition being built, so we had to block out some noise.

Here is the end result with the regular camera:

Here is the VR 360 version:

And this is how the video was made in VR 360: