Visions of Japan – Angel Saint Goddess

Once in a while a dream comes true. A long time ago I wrote a dance song. Now it is a new release on all major streaming services. Angel Saint Goddess (feat. Lisa Michelle) in Japanese.

The song was inspired by a special night out in Muenster Germany. Out of nowhere, an angel came and guided me to a club named Heaven.

At that time I could not find a suitable female voice to really catch the dreamy feel of the song. So I explored something I did try before, a Vocaloid. Most Vocaloids can only sing in Japanese. At that time a new Vocaloid was released, named Avana. Suitable for dreamy and folky songs in English. After a lot of work and slicing and dicing of vocals, I was able to create an acceptable version of the song. This version got some attention from a Japanese audience. Most Vocaloids truly have a Japanese fan base. It gave me the idea to make a version of the song in Japanese. This was so far fetched…

…And now it has really happened. Through some weird coincidence I got acquainted to the very talented Dutch Lisa Michelle. She sings J-Pop on YouTube and has taught herself Japanese to read, write and sing in Japanese. Really amazing. Please visit her YouTube channel here. She has already made it to Japanese TV through talent shows and her dream is to live and make music in Japan. I cannot explain how it happened but with help from Hisami Kimura-Burnside, a Japanese coach and teacher, Lisa translated the lyrics in Japanese. Then Lisa actually recorded the vocals for this song and that is how dreams come true.