Working together with Talon David

Talon David

A few weeks ago I came across the site of Talon David and found a set of beautiful songs from this young talent. She is from Nashville so its no surprise that sometimes a touch of country seeps into her music, but its mostly her impressive voice that really takes you on a journey when you listen. You’ll want to hear it to the end. One of the songs on her site caught my attention, because of its catchy piano riff: Game Over. It tells the story of our future if we let the kids game endlessly and allow them to loose touch with the real world.
I contacted her and fortunately she was prepared to give me the recording tracks for me to start working on for a new mix. We both agreed that the song really lend itself to adding a string arrangement, so I started working on that. We are currently finalizing the mix and I hope you will like the end result. You can find a preview of the song on her site. Don’t forget to listen to the other songs there!