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Heaven or Hell feat. Brigitte

Heaven or Helll

This song was already a year in the making when Brigitte arrived in the studio and she immediately picked it out as a song that had to be finished. She came with a lyrics and vocal lines within a few days and we started to make lockdown Corona time plans to record it. Fortunately it […]

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Over The Edge

Over The Edge (single)

Over The Edge tells the story of someone slowly getting pushed over the edge. Unaware at first but then… Listen here This song marks the start of a new album release, planned for this year. The best is yet to come. First came the rain Then came the storm And in the quiet The final […]

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Just Follow Me

Kelly performing

This songs stands out from the rest, because of its jazzy style. Kelly always knows very specifically what she wants and makes sure that she gets it. That is also in the lyrics of this song. Several things came together, a song in the making, a meeting with some jazz artists in Amsterdam. It all […]

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