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This is a story from long ago. When you visit someone and you just fail to notice all the hints that this is a serious attempt to make it clear to you that you are not only welcome to visit, but to stay forever…. >>> Listen here! <<<

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Heaven or Hell feat. Brigitte

Heaven or Helll

This song was already a year in the making when Brigitte arrived in the studio and she immediately picked it out as a song that had to be finished. She came with a lyrics and vocal lines within a few days and we started to make lockdown Corona time plans to record it. Fortunately it […]

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Perfect Cover

Enter the hidden world of virtual love for sale with this song. A BBC documentary went in depth into the world of cam models, showing the two sides of it. One sad side where love is for sale, but also another side of strong and independent women. Making a living and also enjoying giving and […]

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Number Two feat. Talon David

The rules of love

The idea for this song came from one of the many contacts I made in music these past years. From a lady with a story to tell. The true story of a powerful love. A love so strong that seems to break the boundaries of what is right and what is wrong in love. Faithfulness? […]

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Over The Edge

Over The Edge (single)

Over The Edge tells the story of someone slowly getting pushed over the edge. Unaware at first but then… Listen here This song marks the start of a new album release, planned for this year. The best is yet to come. First came the rain Then came the storm And in the quiet The final […]

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Just Follow Me

Kelly performing

This songs stands out from the rest, because of its jazzy style. Kelly always knows very specifically what she wants and makes sure that she gets it. That is also in the lyrics of this song. Several things came together, a song in the making, a meeting with some jazz artists in Amsterdam. It all […]

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Goodbye feat. Hanny

This is goodbye

The opening lines speak for themselves I think: We’ve been on this journey for such a long time. But now its the time to let it go. Hanny recorded these vocals almost entirely in one go and I think that really gives it the emotion it needs. This song will also feature on Sunday morning, […]

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Memories feat. Sam

Memories feat. Sam

This song started out as a box of memories. Do you have fond memories your old school days? And did you ever have a reunion? I did and it turned out to be unforgettable. How incredible that Sam came into the studio and exactly found the lyrics to express this experience. Turning this song into […]

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