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Recharge Pi.A feat. B2fab

Recharge Pi.A feat. B2fab single cover

A collaboration with rock chick Pi.A from Berlin. This time B2fab features in one of her typical Cloud fighter songs. Recharge tells the story of her battle to fight the demons within and how working together allows you get the power to beat it all. Recharge! Play this on your favorite music streaming platform

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Replay feat. Pi.A

Replay feat. Pi.A single cover with a silhouette of a woman and a replay symbol

How to heal a broken heart? The tag line of B2fab for a long time. This song tries to answer it. Take distance. Take time. Don’t think about what went wrong. Replay the beautiful moments.

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Zero and Below feat. Pi.A.

A woman in ice

Synths cut through the ice in Zero and below. Icy metal beats and hearts not only broken but frozen solid. A fourth collaboration with Berlin based singer and producer Pi.A. Her crystal clear voice can break and break your heart with it. B2fab is now about dreamy warmth mixed with distorted synths in overdrive.

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Back Again feat. Pi.A.

Back Again Cover a woman in a blue setting sprinkled with stars

A heartbeat, sprinkled with stars. Another collaboration with the Berlin based Pi.A. About searching and eventually finding, by going back. Right where it all started. For Pi.A. this song is about the healing of broken family ties. What does the song mean to you? Like B2fab, Pi.A. lives and breathes music. On top of that she has an amazing creative energy that seems to have no limits.

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Love Is Not Time’s Fool feat. Pi.A.

Love Is Not Time's Fool cover with Sara looking out of the window in the train

This one sentence says it all and it spoke to me. Love can’t be broken by time. A heart can be broken, but love goes on. It is the new single for an album that will be released by the end of the year, celebrating ten years of dreamy pop songs. Love Is Not Time’s Fool. Like B2fab, Pi.A. lives and breathes music. On top of that she has an amazing creative energy that seems to have no limits.

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Lost feat. Lil SimSun

Lost Cover with model Alice

I like to surprise the audience and myself, this time together with an American singer and rapper Lil SimSun. A dreamy, but heartfelt call for love. a crossover between electronic dreampop and trance. The last part of the song is lifted up by Lil SimSun and his unique eastern vibe.

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Fallen Blossom feat. Pi.A.

Fallen Blossom Cover

I am proud to present this collaboration with Pi.A (Pronounce it Alternative) for the song Fallen Blossom. You can find her as @pi.a_music on Instagram. She is from Berlin. Her music oozes melancholy, because she considers it to be a power. I was blessed to work together with her, because she is also a creative powerhouse. This is one of the darker songs that fits nicely with the melancholy of Pi.A. For me the song is a symbol of a cycle of life where we bloom and show ourselves, but how does the world benefit from that? Do we take […]

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This is story that starts with a phone call. A lonely walk through Copenhagen. Thinking about a love that could have started, if only the other had been able to talk. To express feelings. But silence talks too, in a much stronger way. In a way the original story of the Little Mermaid, by Hans Christian Andersen. In Copenhagen this story is honored by the world famous statue of the Little Mermaid. This time the Little Mermaid is a man. Unable to talk and express his feelings.

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This is a story from long ago. When you visit someone and you just fail to notice all the hints that this is a serious attempt to make it clear to you that you are not only welcome to visit, but to stay forever….

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