This is my favorite music: Music for dreamers

Woman running in a field. Music for dreamers.

Are you a dreamer? I know I am. Dreaming helps me imagine new sounds, images and video’s. Ever since I started using Spotify I collected my favorite dreamy music to listen to all day. Every live show I visited or anything on the radio that hit the right notes for me got added to it. I have fond memories of playing it loud in a 2CV cabriolet, driving around on Ibiza with friends.

Playing Music for Dreamers in Ibiza in a 2CV cabriolet

Now I have published this playlist on Spotify in multiple languages and also on Apple music. The music will get you through the better part of the day or night, because its around 6 hours of music. The latest b2fab single is also on it, because I always want to check how my music fits with other songs. Please shuffle and enjoy: