A summer of music

Perfect Cover

As an artists in lockdown these months these month you could either be sulking, because of all the failed plans and missed concerts. Or you could be locked away in your studio writing one song after the other. To be honest, I’m somewhere in the middle, but certainly not sulking. To compensate for missed concerts I started streaming live and there is a steady stream of new songs now. So much so that I am planning a new EP release at the end of the summer. If you know how I work you can already see it taking shape on SoundCloud.

The main event this month was Brigitte visiting the studio to record a new song Heaven or Hell. Brigitte contacted me because of a call for vocalists on a musicians site. She lives literally a few kilometers away, so it seemed easy to start working. However, we had to postpone a first visit because of strict contact rules for the Corona virus lockdown. Also when singing is involved you have to be extra careful.

I managed to rearrange the recording process such that Brigitte could sing in a separate space. With all kinds of decontamination preparations we decided to do a recording session. I hope you like the end result and I hope this is a starting point for more songs to come from this collaboration in the near future. Check the upcoming newsletter for more information about this recording session with Brigitte.

Another highlight is the collaboration with Sara. An actress from Riga, Latvia, who found the time to record a series of video clips for old and new songs. Again this is lockdown related. Normally she wouldn’t have time or I wouldn’t have been able to contact her at all. I also know she can sing too, but I don’t know if we can also get that arranged. She is a very inspiring person to work with, that is for sure.