When in lock-down, release an EP

Your Number Two EP on keyboard

We are living in a strange time now. Most of the world is in lock-down or more severely quarantined at home. Either also working at home or worse off without work in need of government or charity support. Strange times. If you are having a bad time in lock-down, I hope things will get better soon. Please stay strong.

I feel lucky to be able to wait this one out and work in the studio more. Its a very productive time for me musically. Unfortunately playing live on stage is not possible. Like other musicians in the same rut, i will try to perform on the Internet.

Just before the lockdown I set the distribution in motion to release a new EP: Your Number Two. Four songs about finding the rules of love. Now in the middle of the craziest of times it has been released on all streaming platforms. I hope you can find the time to listen and join me on the quest to understand love.

Your Number Two EP cover
Your Number Two EP cover