A new EP?

Number Two Promo

Again a period of silence from the studio. Unfortunately I was underground a month due to health problems. You may have picked this up in this post. There are so many new ideas and some of them will indeed make it to a new EP. You might also have picked up that the title will be Your Number Two, of course featuring the song Number Two with Talon David. If not, you heard it here first!

Another reason for the current silence is that I have to prepare for live shows the coming month. That means vocal and band coaching and endless hours of practicing. Also somehow I want to make the show visually attractive. Another challenge.

I will not make this EP a long drawn step by step launch, with count downs, teases and pre-load temptations. The EP will just be there in the coming month and I will inform you when you can start to listen. If you are very very very curious I will slowly build up the songs and EP on SoundCloud first. Remember: You heard it here first.