Looking back and forward

Top songs on Spotify of 2019

If you subscribed to the newsletter you already have seen the number of song plays, likes and follows of the past year. What matters most of course is that the numbers are up. Even though I just work hard and try to create songs from the heart, it helps to know that every year more people listen and like. Next year is even more ambitious because I want to play these songs live. The good news there is that the first bookings are already in.

There is a new twist to all the good news however, I didn’t look at my Spotify profile for some time and suddenly there was a switch of the top songs. The five top songs now suddenly are populated with three songs from the latest album release: Five Years (Almost Instrumental)! The new release on YouTube therefore had to be How Dumb Can You Be (Almost Instrumental). The top played song of 2019 on Spotify.

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you might have seen that I had quite a setback. A nasty infection of a nerve caused a paralysis and that set me back at least a month. I still have to be careful and live healthy to fully recover. Next year I hope to start off with all gauges at 100%.

The new year should bring more new songs, a new album and more clips, also from the (almost) instrumental album of course. The solo live show of 2020 will also contain an instrumental version of one of the songs. I hope that the my two coaches, Hanny and Erin can give me the final boost to shine on stage and that next year yet more people will listen, like and follow! All the best for you too and lets keep in touch!