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Getting ready for 2018

The best is yet to come 2018

Is it getting ready for 2018, or closing down 2017? I think I prefer the first then, but not after looking back of course. I am again very thankful for all the people taking the time to listen to my music. The stats are still looking fine for an indie artist. I am not looking for fame. I enjoy spending time in the studio, but it is always nice to be heard and get appreciation of course. In the past year I could see the decline of SoundCloud and the growing of hearthis.at. Interesting, but things are still developing and […]

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Hear This

B2FAB at Hear This At

SoundCloud gets less and less listeners. To be prepared, all music is now also available at hearthis.at. Very unfortunate because I quite enjoyed SoundCloud for its ease of use and its open and musician friendly platform. More than once I saw people building their own radio station from mixes of underground, indie and mainstream music. Tuning into new songs from their favorite artists. Since its no longer a free service and starts asking for money, its all downhill. I still hope that SoundCloud can find a way up and also serve to the underground and indie artists. We will see. Of course […]

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