Sunday Morning… Naked…

Sunday Morning… Naked… maybe is a strange title for an EP. It came from a feeling to show more of myself. Imagine a lazy Sunday morning. Waking up, getting up and going when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. First feeling vulnerable and then free, strong even. Lets be thankful for all lazy mornings if you get to enjoy them and take a moment for naked introspection.

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The theme of the EP is magic connections, online or in real life. The songs on this EP collect these years singles Perfect and Heaven or Hell feat. Brigitte. Both now in snappy Radio Edits. Then a crazy reggaeton pop song Angel for all you crazy in love people. A sweet sweet ballad about long distance magic connections Far Away Friend feat. Brigitte. Closing down with a Radio Edit of Why?. When you meet someone and suddenly you get the message. This meeting was not by accident, or without meaning. A special video clip shot in a magic park, far far away from reality.