Number Two feat. Talon David

The idea for this song came from one of the many contacts I made in music these past years. From a lady with a story to tell. The true story of a powerful love. A love so strong that seems to break the boundaries of what is right and what is wrong in love. Faithfulness? Tolerance? Honesty? Your desire is to be number one. Is it wrong to be number two?

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When I asked Talon David if she could give this song a voice, I already knew that she could express this powerful message. Her Grammy Foundation winning voice can capture you and take you along a journey to the end of the world. But even knowing that she just came in gave this song not only a voice, but also a soul. Capturing you and taking you from the mountains of Montenegro to the burning, loving soul of Nashville.

The song has been remixed and mastered to be ready for all streaming media. These are some older mixes: