Angel Saint Goddess

Angel Saint Goddess (feat. Lisa Michelle)

Music & Lyrics: B2FAB, Vocals: Lisa Michelle

Now a new release on all major streaming services. Angel Saint Goddess (feat. Lisa Michelle) in Japanese. The song was inspired by a special night out in Muenster Germany. Out of nowhere, an angel came and guided me to a club named Heaven.

Angel Saint Goddess (concept feat. Avanna)

Music & Lyrics: B2FAB, Vocals: Avanna

Avanna is a Vocaloid, often described having a flat and emotionless voice. In this song concept I tried to bring her alive. I hope you can hear her true self.

The title came to me when talking to a friend that truly is a saint. Always ready to help others. I told her how I met this angel that took me to Heaven after one of the Oktober Fest party evenings in Münster, Germany. Heaven is a small club, walking distance from that party. We had a great time there.

Now, you might ask yourself where does the Goddess enter the story? Ehm, there is this other lady I know and she…